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Is your site userfriendly?

We work with you to find a design that appeals to both, you and your audience. Of course, we pay attention to already existing designs of business papers and logo to fully integrated your website into your corporate identity. To make your website as effective as possible, we work with the latest presentation techniques that provide the visitors your most important information quickly and easily.


This is to optimize your site for all screen sizes. Whether phone, tablet or desktop, displaying your page fits perfectly on the display size of the terminal. We encourage you to design and program your site responsively, because today more people are surfing the web with mobile devices than with a laptop or a desktop PC. This trend will continue, so invest now for the future.

One Page

In connection with the rise in mobile internet usage also raises the question of the usability of your website for touch screens. By a one-page layout in which the entire content is displayed on a page, the user can simply reach content by scrolling (wiping) the page than using the menu buttons but of course these continue to be available to the user of non-touchscreens to use.


Not only Apple’s Retina display, but also other manufacturers are now setting on high resolution screens, not only with television. By using vector graphics as far as possible, we make sure that the view experience on these screens is sharp. A further advantage of vector graphics is that they do not consume a lot of space resources and thus do not affect the loading time of the website.



You already have a design?

We code it into a fully functional static website or a website in WordPress, configured as a CMS. If your design allows it, we can guarantee W3C comformed code with latest techniques that is still compatible with older standards. Our programming solutions are kept in resources as far as possible, which guarantees short loading times and ease of use. We also protect your website from malicious attacks with the latest security software.

Cross Browser

We guarantee, if technically possible that your website is represented the same in all versions of the popular internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer). You can get an actual picture of the distribution in the browser statistics for Germany and worldwide. On request, we also perform an optimization for non-major browsers and versions.


W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium and is a standard for techniques that are used on the Internet before. As far as desired, and it is possible we try to hold ourselves to these standards in HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3. Of course, many complicated requests can not be animated HTML / CSS code to be implemented with valid xhtml. In that case, we recommend a javascript solution, which is also shown in older browsers that do not support HMTL5/CSS3 without problems.


Through the use of WordPress as a CMS (content management system), we facilitate you to modify or create text and images. This can be done quickly even go via app on a smartphone or tablet. WordPress is the most widely used CMS We offer training in the use of WordPress, but you can also look up the user himself.



Your website is poorly attended and you are not really tracked by Google?

We optimize your website so that the situation is changing. Using the latest search engine optimization and social marketing, by connecting your website to popular social networks, we increase the number of visitors and your popularity.


Page optimized by paths, keywords, titles and descriptions for both the individual pages as well as images, our search engine friendly web pages are programmed. Search engine optimization requires not only unique settings, but permanent maintenance of the website. New content with pictures, text and links to internal and external pages are the key to success. We offer you to further optimize space of the integrated content you have or obtain the knowledge through training for proper care.


Through a newsletter function or banner advertising on the internet, we can reach your target audience with the help of Google ads and increase your brand awareness. Through the optimization of keywords, we ensure that your advertising has a better ranking than the competition. We also have an eye to the fact that the advertising efforts turn out not to be aggressive, so they are not seen as spam and ultimately have an adverse effect.

Viral Marketing

With this special marketing to reach their target audience in each case. Your brand is spreading like word of mouth, the Internet through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Content that you can feed on your side, if wanted be automatically displayed immediately on Twitter and Facebook. This supports the traditional e-mail newsletter. A video can help to increase the awareness of your company. Both Youtube and Vimeo are video platforms with enormous momentum that time we can use to your advantage.

About us


Webscreens is a new media agency based in Berlin.

Our services include webdesign, webdevelopment, webmarketing and consultancy around the Internet. So we can offer individual services and also complete packages.
Through our international business partners and customers, we are able to offer advice that goes beyond the boundaries of the local market. Thus, our products and recommendations are directed not only by local standards, but can also compete in the global market.
We are always available to answer questions and are always looking forward to new challenges.



Coding of the website with WordPress CMS as One-Page and HTML,CSS,PHP und jQuery.


Sean Tabares

Changes to the website using HTML, CSS and jQuery.


o2 kidswear

Through the mediation of Simon Kaserer and in cooperation with Eatdesign Webscreens was responsible for the programming of the australian website o2 kidswear.



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